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Leeanne Colvin
Registered Psychotherapist

RP, CTP Dipl


Psychotherapy is conducted in a private, confidential setting where you are free to discuss anything you wish; the beauty of psychotherapy is that there are no forbidden subjects. And equally as important, there is no set agenda or timeframe.

In terms of its invaluable contribution to personal growth, I view the therapeutic process as one of liberation. When one becomes more conscious of negative internal dynamics, one can be “freed” from their control, and can live a healthier, less reactive, and more conscious, pro-active life.

In my approach to practice, the therapy session is a “fifty minute” hour, ideally conducted once a week, if not more. Regularity and continuity are important, to obtain maximum benefit. I encourage bringing dreams into sessions, keeping journals, and drawing and sketching as helpful and integral parts of the process.

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