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Diana Orgera
Registered Psychotherapist

RP, CTP Dipl


Deep within all of us is an inner knowing and wisdom that emerges when we cut through the incessant white noise of anxiety and self-doubt. Psychotherapy and the conversation that happens in the therapy setting can help us quiet that noise and get underneath it so we can better understand ourselves and hear our own inner truth.  It is from this place that we can make lasting changes in our lives.

Often when the people closest to us, such as our friends and family, see us unhappy, upset, or stuck, they try to help by giving us advice.  Perhaps out of their own anxiety or fear they respond to us, in our distress, by telling us what they think we should do and how we should think differently. And although this comes from a place of caring, it can often lead us to feeling further isolated.  Psychodynamic psychotherapy can offer a path to understanding by making room for our thoughts and feelings and allowing us to speak of them without the fear of burdening our friends and family. It also offers the opportunity to explore what is going on for us on an unconscious level through our dreams and fantasies.

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If you would like more information or to schedule an initial psychotherapy consultation at my Toronto office, please contact me at (416) 710-7674 or dianaorgera@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you.