Psychotherapists are the only Canadian mental health professionals obliged to charge and remit GST/HST.  If you would like to support the removal of GST/HST from psychotherapy services, please visit to learn about the campaign and to lend your support.

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Whether you’re facing a crisis or seeking a more balanced, insightful perspective in your life, a psychotherapist from Toronto Psychotherapy Group is prepared to assist you. We’ve developed this site to help Torontonians connect with able, compassionate therapists dedicated to brightening the lives of individuals wanting assistance in their process of growth and insight.

Why choose a therapist from Toronto Psychotherapy Group? Every therapist listed here is extensively trained and highly qualified. These practitioners offer confidential, respectful conversation and support personalized to your needs.

Our therapists offer a variety of session formats: in person, online and by phone. On our site, you’ll find both individual as well as couples and family therapists. Each therapist has written a personal profile outlining his or her particular interests, credentials, and areas of specialty. Many describe insights and experiences that have shaped their own approach to psychotherapy.

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