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Natalie Sammut
Registered Social Worker



One looks to therapy for help in easing what can feel like unmanageable stress in life – brought on by the many challenges of living, such as major life transitions and the difficulty inherent in living with others or, alternatively, the pain of not having others in our lives through loss or conflict.

The goal of therapy is to relieve the stress of everyday living by gaining new insights and skills, and making better connections to yourself and others.

It is a kind of focused attention that allows you to see the internal working of your own mind. It helps you to be aware of your deeper mental processes, without being swept away by them. It has the potential to free you from patterns of mind and action that get in the way of living your life to the fullest. It moves you beyond the reactive emotional responses in which we all tend to get trapped. You acquire skills that allow you to reshape and redirect your inner experiences so that you have more freedom of choice in your everyday actions, and more power to create the future.

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