Michael Bernard

We come to therapy with the hope that our lives can be better, but we often don’t know what to change or how. It’s hard to give up the familiar for the unknown. In therapy we gain the insight that allows us to transform and move forward. I believe we contain the innate ability to heal.

Jon-David (JD) Rodway

Certain ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving may be causing you to struggle. Such patterns mark an effort to cope with excessive anxiety, depression, relationship issues, trauma, or other difficulties. Sharing this with others isn’t easy, but I offer a safe, confidential space to reflect on what’s happening in your life. Deeper self-understanding can shift your struggle.

Daniel Cout

Sooner or later, most of us will find ourselves in a situation that challenges our ability to cope. By helping to promoting greater self awareness, psychotherapy offers the possibility of finding new ways of looking at old problems, which creates the possibility of finding new solutions.

Wallace Murray

In therapy, I advocate for you to become who you are meant to be on this planet. I have personally worked with over 4,000 people living out their purpose. I coach, lead group work, and facilitate workshops and retreats. I accompany you while you heal and step firmly into your truth.

Wendy Kirk

Understanding our lives and our experiences, as shaped by our backgrounds, can be challenging. The ways we understand those experiences and their meanings are malleable! In therapy we work together to develop more helpful paradigms for thinking, feeling and relating—this frees up those parts of you burdened by defenses, to help you live more authentically.

Natalie Gill

We are altered by experiences that enable us to put away or forget who we really are. You deserve to be heard. Speaking freely about your life, without judgment, can make you visible to yourself again, allow you to un-hide with another, and eventually begin to heal.

Sylvia Kraus

When confusion, anxiety, shame, or despair begin to impede day-to-day life, finding ways to rediscover your strength and resilience is of paramount importance. Fortified with these natural capacities, you are suddenly able to find the clarity required to be in better relationship with yourself, and with everyone and everything.

Susan Young

Psychotherapy is a collaboration between the therapist and client. Together, we embark on a journey that may lead you to a life rich in meaning and purpose. It is my aim to create a safe and empathetic space in which you feel understood and accepted, whatever you are facing.

Jen Colborne

As you consider the idea of therapy and begin your search for a therapist, I’m guessing you may feel pretty vulnerable. I get it, I’ve been there. Trusting another with your personal story and letting go of some of the protections you have put in place over the years takes time. As your unique story unfolds, we will get there - together.

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