Rebecca Gibbins

Therapy starts simply, with what is happening for you right now. How you’re feeling or not feeling; what you’re thinking about; what you’re struggling with. We might wonder together about what you’re curious about, or what you’re avoiding. Wherever you are, is where we begin.

Maria Vandenhurk

Whether you’re seeking to resolve personal distress or wish to embark on growth and self-discovery, I commend you on your commitment to self-improvement. Entering therapy is an act of courage. Through attuned listening, understanding, and focused, reflective conversation, I am committed to helping you to heal and grow as a person.

Andrew Harry

The emotional tools we use to cope with life have a way of taking over. We get stuck in loops of action or avoidance that hurt others and hinder ourselves. Therapy helps us find a way out: breaking these loops, building new patterns, and developing new tools to both cope and thrive.

Isla Craig

How do we open to the transmissions of our inner life? Therapy is an opportunity to deepen our awareness of the present, to gain access to feeling, and increase our ability to communicate with new language, imagery, and dimension.

Caroline Millen

Therapy helps to carve a clearer path as you journey along life’s many winding roads. In a supportive space fit for conversation and silence we tune in to your authentic self and tackle obstacles interfering with your potential. Starting therapy is a courageous act. Welcome. You are on your way.

Mina McCluskey

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” – Carl Jung. Therapy provides a unique opportunity to have someone walk alongside you and help light the way as you forge your own path toward self-discovery, healing, and change. Your courage brought you here. Let’s take the next step together.

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