Peter Dales

D.W. Winnicott, a renowned English analyst, put the therapeutic project simply and elo-quently: “…the foundations of mental health of the adult are laid down in infancy and child-hood” and, further, he declared: “We must never forget that the picnic is the client’s picnic, and even the weather is the client’s weather”.

Brenda Simon

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by life’s challenges; our familiar responses and assumptions don’t seem to be working for us anymore. It takes courage to seek out therapy and to speak openly about experiences, relationships, conflicts, depression, and anxiety. In therapy, we co-create an empathic space for deep listening, reflection, and insight.

Karen Wreford

You may be considering therapy for any number of reasons: anxiety, depression, relational difficulties, or grief. Perhaps you are feeling stuck. Together, we will explore your feelings in depth through a unique process of self-discovery that offers the potential for growth and personal development.

Christine Werbski

People come to therapy for many reasons—to address a life-changing event, a loss, a struggle with alcohol and drug problems, or other health concerns. Whatever your situation, psychotherapy gives you the opportunity to speak with someone who will listen without judging, provide a safe and trusting environment, and offer professional guidance.

Diana Grigorova

Good psychotherapy can be powerful work. It expands our personalities and ability to think, feel, and connect in new, more deeply satisfying ways. It orders our chaos and clarifies who we are. Entering therapy is a courageous move toward change, and toward creating and enjoying a life of our own conscious design.

Charla Jones

It takes courage to embark on a journey of self-discovery. I will meet you where you are, and listen and learn about how you feel and how you see the world. This empathic attunement provides the space for us to connect to the truth of your experience and to your innate wisdom as the basis for creating the changes you seek.

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