Rom Malik

Successful therapy derives from a good therapeutic relationship. I create a safe place for exploring worries, fears, and life situations. Clients indicate comfort and confidence in my treatment approach and personality. Together in this empathic, non-judgmental space we can work towards exploring your immediate as well as long-standing concerns.

Liz Garrison

Finding a therapist with whom you feel comfortable enough to discuss your challenges and dreams takes courage. Oftentimes we start looking when we are already struggling to cope. Together we can build on your courage to support your healing and growth. Therapy offers space to explore with compassion, to find stability, and to create new possibilities.

Jose Luis

In therapy we look at the whole of you—body, mind, and the world around you—to understand your challenges. Together we generate deeper awareness of your unique way of responding to the world. From this place of clarity we work to support you making better choices and discovering clear and conscious ways to flourish.

Kristopher Saric

Everyone’s need for change is unique. You may be in search of healing and personal growth or compelled by feelings you cannot fully understand. Psychotherapy provides a non-judgemental space for you to safely and effectively reflect, risk, and restore. In your therapy, we work together to co-create change in the areas of living that are troubling you.

Lisa Shouldice

People work with me because I am a caring person who loves her job. Working with individuals who have experienced trauma and other challenges, being there for them at every step, is my passion. I would feel honoured to create and hold space for you. Everyone has a story, and I would love to hear yours.

Karen Zarnett

Whether you are new to therapy or returning, it may feel scary, but something vital and important brought you to this decision. Therapy provides us time and space to receive supportive care and empathic listening. Together, in a nonjudgmental environment, we can explore your immediate or long-standing concerns and find strategies that can help.

Julia Glover

The first step towards therapy is significant. You may wonder how therapy works or have other questions. Just as each person is individual, the therapeutic process is different for everyone but it always starts with a safe, confidential space to explore your personal experience. And, that’s where we would begin.

Rhonwen Derbez

Our bodies are our first source of support in this life. When trauma disrupts our connection to our body wisdom, access can be restored through self-awareness, meaningful human contact, and our bodies’ own power of self-regulation. Therapy gives us tools to discover our own unique path to healing.

Todd Hartley

Welcome! Deciding to enter therapy takes courage. I work from an empathic and non-judgmental perspective to meet every client’s individual needs. We'll work together to improve your well-being so that you can live your best life. You can feel better!

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