Psychedelic Integration Therapy

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  • Sylvia Kraus

    Registered Psychotherapist
    RP, MA (Counselling Psychology); HonBA (French Literature)
    When confusion, anxiety, shame, or despair begin to impede day-to-day life, finding ways to rediscover your strength and resilience is of paramount importance. Fortified with these natural capacities, you are suddenly able to find the clarity required to be in better relationship with yourself, and with everyone and everything.
  • Toronto Psychotherapist - Alex Borovoy

    Alex Borovoy

    Registered Psychotherapist
    RP, CTP Dipl, Certified Hakomi Practitioner*
    This is where we begin: with your desire to be in your life, and in the world, with less fear, and with as much authenticity and happiness as possible; to simply be more of who you are.
  • Toronto Psychotherapist - Jena Ledson

    Jena Ledson

    Registered Psychotherapist
    RP, CTP Dipl
    If you feel sad or stuck or anxious or numb. If you have questions about repeating patterns in your life or have a tendency to get in your own way. If you are afraid to go after the things you most want. If you struggle to find a sense of meaning or purpose, therapy can help.
  • Wallace Murray

    Registered Therapeutic Counselor
    RTC, Counselling Hypnotherapist
    In therapy, I advocate for you to become who you are meant to be on this planet. I have personally worked with over 4,000 people living out their purpose. I coach, lead group work, and facilitate workshops and retreats. I accompany you while you heal and step firmly into your truth.
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