A number of therapists listed at TorontoPsychotherapyGroup.com are trained to provide couples therapy and counselling. Because good relationships are at the core of a satisfying, vibrant life, conflict and distance between you and people close to you can have a large negative impact. Couples, relationship, or marriage therapy is based on the mutual goal of strengthening the relationship between two or more people. Part of this involves striking a balance between your need to be an autonomous self (“I”) and to be connected and close to another (“we”); between feeling the benefits of independence and of healthy dependence.

Many Toronto Psychotherapy Group therapists are trained in a variety of approaches. These include:
(1) the Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy®(PACT), which integrates research in neuroscience and attachment (biology and psychology), along with human emotional upset/arousal to deal with difficulties in relating, and (2) Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples, which focuses on a couple’s emotional bond. The EFT therapist seeks to find and understand the negative repeating patterns that have developed between members of a distressed couple, and assists them in finding new and more constructive ways to interact. In this approach, each of you will explore your historical patterns of relationships (some of which were set in motion in your family of origin), improve your communication skills, and foster new, healthier patterns of relating to your partner.

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