When the dynamic between you and someone important to you has become distant, conflicted, or otherwise dysfunctional, it can affect every aspect of your life. Healthy relationships are crucial to our well-being: every adequate picture of individual health includes the ability to form meaningful, mutually satisfying bonds with others. Therapy for relationship issues focuses on assisting you to better understand the nature of your own relational dynamics, and to work through feelings about lost trust, misunderstanding, difficult events, repeated conflict, or other differences that can feel irresolvable.

Most therapists affiliated with Toronto Psychotherapy Group offer therapy to individuals looking to improve their relationships with others . Therapists listed at TPG support your efforts to transform conflictual or stalled relationship. This need might arise in your romantic relationship, or with a family member, friend, or other significant individual in your life.

Therapy dealing with relationship issues helps you develop resources to bridge emotional distance, reduce miscommunication, address negative feelings, restore meaningful connection, and build understanding of the causes of dysfunctional patterns between yourself and those important to you.

What is Therapy for Relationship Issues?

water-image4Simply put, therapy with this focus involves the creation of a safe space for the exploration of relationship challenges. Common issues such as useless or hurtful arguing, poor communication, broken trust, destructive behaviour, and emotional and/or intimate distance between you and others important to you in your life can be explored with the assistance and facilitation of a skilled therapist.

Whether your key concern is conflict between you and a partner, or someone else significant in your life—a friend, sibling, parent, or other person of importance to you—therapists listed with Toronto Psychotherapy Group are trained in identifying and addressing difficulties in relating.

Typically, therapy that addresses relationship issues includes the following:

  • Providing a safe place for you to speak and be heard
  • Helping you to identify the recurring patterns in your conflicts
  • Seeking the roots of these patterns in your individual histories
  • Understanding the role of emotion in your relationship difficulties
  • Developing strategies to de-escalate and prevent these patterns from repeating
  • Creating new intimacy and connection in your relationship

What Kinds of Issues Does Therapy for Relationships Address?

You may wish to consider therapy for difficulties with relationships if you struggle with any of the following:

  • Difficulty creating or maintaining relationship bonds
  • Loss of emotional closeness or intimacy
  • Unproductive conflicts or fighting without resolution
  • Poor communication
  • Feelings of unbearable hurt or loneliness
  • Fears of rejection or abandonment
  • Loss of trust, respect or love after infidelity or other betrayals
  • Fear of losing your sense of self in the relationship
  • Sexual dissatisfaction or mismatched desires with your partner
  • Difficulty coping with the effects of major life events on the relationship

Specific Information for Those Seeking Couples Therapy

This page is a reference and resource for relationship issues. However, you may be interested in Couples Therapy specifically—that is, a therapeutic situation in which a therapist meets with you and another person (often romantic partner/spouse) in order to understand and address the issues between you.

Several psychotherapists with Toronto Psychotherapy Group are certified in the practice of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) or Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy (PACT).

To consult with a therapist who offers couples therapy, and who will work with you and your partner to clarify your specific concerns and treatment goals, find a professional here.

To consult with a therapist who offers therapy for relationship issues, , and who will work with you to clarify your specific concerns and treatment goals, find a professional here.

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