Psychedelic Integration Therapy is a form of therapy of working with experiences of non-ordinary consciousness an individual may have had, or is considering having, outside of the therapy setting. Non-ordinary states of consciousness may be induced by means of a psychedelic compound or by employing techniques such as Holotropic Breathwork.

Psychedelic Integration Therapy refers to the application of specific psychotherapeutic techniques in an exploration of such experiences, and does not include the distribution or administration of a psychedelic medicine by the therapist.

Psychedelic experiences are currently available in a variety of legal and non-legal settings. A Psychedelic integration Therapist offers a nonjudgmental space in which one can explore and reflect upon whatever emerges before, during, or after an induced altered or non-ordinary state of consciousness in order to integrate these often powerful experiences with one’s ordinary states of consciousness or everyday life.

Psychedelic Integration can be an organic or deliberate process, or both. To some degree it occurs naturally over time; however, it can be significantly enhanced by an assisted integration process with a trained therapist which facilitates the exploration and interpretation of the experience’s personal meanings and relevance to the client.

Psychedelic Integration Therapy aims to address and integrate positive and challenging effects of a psychedelic journey, according to a client’s needs. This therapy modality typically includes a consideration of intention and intention-setting as an important aspect of the process. It may also employ symbolism and metaphor in order to deepen the understanding of what emerges during an altered state of consciousness.

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Psychedelic Integration Therapy