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Robin Hellendoorn
Registered Psychotherapist

RP, CTP Dipl


Most people are surprised by how easy, personal and safe it feels. I use a specially encrypted program so your confidentiality is ensured.

Thanks to all the research that has been done on the brain and nervous system we now know so much more about the effects of neglect, abuse, and dysfunctional families. Some of the latest research shows that insight without accessing emotion in a relational context isn’t long lasting. We know that the need for attachment, understanding, to be loved, to matter, and to be valued are shared human needs across cultures. We know that to be alone can be traumatizing. We also know what is traumatizing to one person is not necessarily traumatizing to another.

And yet, there is a lot of pressure to be perfect, self-reliant, and invulnerable. But this goes against our very human nature. There is no shame in turning to someone for help. In fact, it is a sign of resourcefulness.

Speaking to a psychotherapist is not the same as talking with friends or family. To start with, there is confidentiality and privacy. Therapists are doing something more than just listening and generally do not give advice. A psychotherapist is listening in a particular way based on years of education, training, and experience, with the aim of helping you identify where and why you are stuck in life. Further, a psychotherapist understands complex psychological processes, trauma, and behavioural development. This understanding is used to help you accomplish your goals in therapy.

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I would be happy to have a brief complimentary phone session with you to determine if it feels like the right fit. Ideally a few sessions are the best way to determine this. Please call 416-921- 7115 or email