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Alysha Rajkumar
Registered Psychotherapist

RP, CTP Dipl


What brings us to therapy differs for each of us. You might be struggling with feelings of anxiety or depression, or caught in a cycle of harmful behavior. Maybe you’re at a crossroads, or a persistent sense of hopelessness or helplessness has left you feeling lost and alone. Whatever has prompted you to consider therapy—to consider the potential for a new way of being in your life—I welcome your inquiry.

The therapeutic process can be both scary and exciting! What helps with the fear are the rewards that come from developing different perspectives with the goal of transformation and growth. We become curious about ourselves: what motivates or troubles us, how past experiences and relationships have shaped who we are and how we navigate the world. Through this insight, we develop a newfound awareness, and we come to know ourselves more intimately. And, with this self-knowledge, a sense of balance and authenticity emerges, making it possible to change patterns, draw boundaries, and make different choices.

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