Stefania Baresic

Registered Psychotherapist
RP, CTP Dipl
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  • Abuse (physical and psychological; past or present)
  • Aging and Age-Related Concerns
  • Anxiety
  • Career Dissatisfaction or Transition
  • Creative Blocks
  • Depression
  • Dissociation and Dissociative Identity Disorder
  • Dream Work and Dream Interpretation
  • Existential Concerns
  • Health and Illness
  • Intergenerational Trauma
  • Life Crisis and Transitions
  • Loss and Grief
  • Mourning and Bereavement
  • Multicultural Issues
  • Parenting and Co-Parenting
  • Personality Disorders
  • Relationship Issues
  • Self-Destructive Patterns
  • Self-Esteem
  • Sex and Intimacy Issues
  • Sexuality and Gender Issues
  • Spirituality
  • Trauma
  • Body-focused Therapy
  • Client-Centred
  • Existential
  • Intersubjective
  • Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
  • Relational
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    244 Dupont Street
    Toronto, ON M5R 1V7

    I share Yalom’s conviction that as human beings we have a natural propensity towards health and self-realization.

    We naturally strive to make sense of who we are and what is happening in our lives; we respond with behaviours and choices shaped by the limits of our understanding. The more we understand about ourselves and the world we interact with, the more conscious and intentional our choices can become, and the more freedom we have to create the life we want and be the person we wish to be.

    Psychotherapy can help remove the obstacles to our full potential. It is a special kind of mindful conversation, a supportive process of compassionate self-enquiry and meaning-making. Therapy can help expand and consolidate our understanding of who we are, reconnecting us to parts of ourselves that we have separated from. These disowned parts are not only the “troubled” ones, the ones that hold negative thoughts, feelings, and limiting beliefs, but often they also include those creative, playful, and vital parts that hold the key to our self-realization.

    C.G. Jung said “Until we make the unconscious conscious it will direct our lives and we will call it fate.” I believe this to be relevant on a personal level, as well as on an existential global level, now more than ever.

    Psychotherapy is a collaborative journey we take together, at a pace that is comfortable for you.

    What makes psychotherapy a unique form of conversation is that the therapist is skilled in being fully present, listening deeply and with empathy to both the words and also to the silence that happen in session. A therapist is trained to raise questions supportive of deepening clients’ self-understanding and widening their horizon of possibilities.

    As a psychodynamic psychotherapist, my practice focuses on medium to long term therapy. I typically meet with clients once or twice weekly for 60-minute sessions to talk about whatever you, the client, bring in to address.

    Therapy rates are $90-$120/session (sliding scale). I can provide my services in English and Italian.

    At this time, because of Covid-19, I am offering sessions online or by phone only, until it is safe to resume work in person.

    Long before becoming a psychotherapist I became a client myself. I reached out for therapy in my early thirties when I was faced with more challenges and life changes than I could handle on my own. Since then my journey in the psychotherapy field has continued fruitfully both as a client and today as a psychotherapist myself.

    I completed my studies in psychodynamic psychotherapy at the Centre for Training in Psychotherapy, an in-depth six-year training program. In this form of therapy the work is directed towards the unconscious. Some core principles are: an emphasis on speaking with as much freedom and authenticity as possible (free association); an in-depth exploration of the client’s dreams; and a focus on the co-created interaction between client and therapist in the present moment.

    My training also includes Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Level 1, for the treatment of traumatic memory. This is a body-oriented form of therapy that focuses on listening to the language of the body. It is based on the premise that trauma survivors have often symptoms rather than memories; what cannot be articulated is often expressed through physical symptoms, body sensations, or inability to inhabit one’s body in a full, joyful, and pleasurable way. By addressing these symptoms in a space that is safe and accepting, we can reconnect with those parts of ourselves that we have learned to silence and that often hold the key to our vitality and well-being.

    I can be reached by email at or by phone at 416-471-2212.
    I will respond within 24 hours Monday to Friday.

    I offer an initial no-obligation 30-minute consultation at no charge as an opportunity to meet and assess your needs, ask questions, raise concerns and see how you feel in our conversation together. Your initial sense of comfort, even in the midst of some anxiety, is an important part of this journey and of choosing a therapist that is right for you.

    If you would like to learn more, or book an initial no-fee consultation, please contact me at 416-471-2212 or