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Leah Lucas
Registered Psychotherapist

RP, CTP Dipl


CURRENTLY ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS. I spent my early childhood in England living by a river in the beautiful green Surrey Hills and emigrated to Toronto with my family in 1964 at age 10. I am grateful for the move to Toronto as it led me to discovering Therafields, a psychoanalytically informed therapeutic community that developed in The Annex in the early 60’s. This communal living and intensive group therapy environment provided a crash course in learning about my own unconscious dynamics as well as understanding other peoples’ inner lives. Daily immersion in a loving, challenging engagement with others provided an emotionally profound foundation for my development as a psychotherapist.

I then trained as a therapist with The Centre For Training In Psychotherapy (CTP). I began working with clients in 1984 and started working as a group therapist in 1989. I have led groups for over twenty-five years and have been doing marital/couples therapy since 1995.

Working to unravel and comprehend the interior life is my true passion and calling. Our internal experience deeply informs how dissatisfied or fulfilled we are. I find nothing more worthwhile and creative than entering into a deep conversation and emotional exchange with another human being. I know from personal experience as a therapy client along with my 35 years as a practicing clinician that psychotherapy is an effective and powerful modality for emotional healing and psychological development.

Alongside my clinical work, I have been practicing the discipline of meditation for the last ten years and am a serious spiritual seeker, widely researching Buddhism, Vedanta, Esoteric Christianity along with Vasistha’s Yoga, to comprehend the nature of mind and reality.

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If you wish to make an appointment to consult with me at my Toronto office, please call me at 416-654-6179. I find a personal telephone conversation is the best way to begin the therapy process. You may also feel free to e-mail me at leah.lucas@sympatico.ca. Individual One Hour Session Fee $140.00 (includes HST). Couples and Marital Therapy Fee is $160.00 an hour (includes HST). An initial 30 minute telephone consultation is offered at no charge. Free parking is available on site.