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Steve Mundy
Registered Psychotherapist

RP, CTP Dipl


People who come to psychotherapy understand something is “not quite right” in their internal worlds. The presence of these disturbances make themselves known to us as unpleasant feelings, like anxiety, despair, hopelessness, anger; or more generalised feelings—not being quite alive, not being able to relate comfortably with others, feeling like a fraud, or as if somehow trapped in a kind of limbo, waiting for life to truly begin. For many, these feelings become unbearable. They can lead to self-destructive ways of “acting out”, such as substance abuse, addiction, isolation, or violence.

So we talk. We look for reasons why. We dig. And it seems that is all we do.

But while we are talking, the possibility for something extraordinary unfolds, a dialogue of a different sort, a healing kind of exchange that has the potential to envelop us both, as we come to know and trust one another. Through this trust, and through the work of self-exploration in the safe and non-judgemental arena therapy offers, you may begin to feel more present, more solidly assembled, more hopeful.

Most of our internal struggles are rooted in some distortion in the way we perceive ourselves and others. Establishing an effective psychotherapeutic relationship, a real partnership, opens up the possibility for a shifting perspective, one that is less fixed and more spacious. By being heard and understood, often for the very first time, we may come to understand our own thoughts and feelings—and by extension those of important people in our lives—in a less rigid, more realistic and more nuanced way.

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