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208 Carlton Street, Lower level |  Toronto | ON  |  M5A 2L1
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Simone Scott
Registered Psychotherapist

RP, CTP Dipl


Psychodynamic psychotherapy is an interactive, talk-based therapy. It offers a safe and confidential space to discuss experiences, thoughts, and feelings that are of importance to you.

As a modality, it assumes that much of what we struggle with remains unconscious and that through talking with a trusted therapist, these things might slowly begin to reveal themselves. This process can be frustrating, painful, and sometimes frightening if we’ve never had the opportunity to be listened to in a way where we can truly express ourselves. But it can also be rewarding and transformative, offering growth as well as a new sense of awareness about ourselves. Free of judgement, we can examine these things together in an effort to both alleviate distress and identify more constructive ways of being and coping.

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