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Mary Fulford-Winsor
Registered Psychotherapist

RP, CTP Dipl


As human beings, we are meant to be relational. To believe that we have to ‘work out’ and ‘deal with’ our feelings, thoughts and behaviours alone provides us with only one perspective. Ironically, it is often that same perspective that has gotten us into the confusing or stuck situations in which we now find ourselves. Guilt, shame and a mistaken belief that we have to manage our concerns alone cause many people to remain silent and suffering. Psychotherapy offers the opportunity to share your story and concerns: to provide a place for you to talk, be heard, reflect and respond. Together we will explore who you know yourself to be, how you are with others, and what life is like for you.

Individuals come to work on concerns such as anxiety and stress, depression, anger management, grief and loss, trauma, dissatisfaction with work, problems associated with addiction, eating disorders and workaholism. Sometimes these concerns can manifest in symptoms such as paranoia, obsessive thinking and/or impulsive actions, OCD, masochism, creative blocks, splitting and social isolation to name a few.

Couples benefit from therapy by getting help communicating with each other, working with trauma (in one or both partners), trust, lying, affairs, issues around differences in ethics and morality, navigating ‘open’ relationships, historic relational injuries (attachment traumas) and identifying recurring cycles of relating to each other. Couples can learn new ways of expressing emotions and thoughts, whether they be difficult or tender, often building a trust that their relationship is sustainable and that both partners are working to build a lasting, intimate bond with each other.

Artists and creative individuals can experience the act of creation as particular and demanding. Artists and arts’ workers need to exist in an environment that is both safe and conducive to exploration, to allow for creative happenings. Unfortunately, these environments are not always present. Sometimes we are complicit in establishing or maintaining conflicted environments. Some of us may believe we need this kind of stimulation to feel “alive” and “creative”. Bringing to consciousness conflicting dynamics within our interior and exterior worlds will not make you any less of an artist. You may just become less anxious and more productive. You will certainly become a better communicator both through your art, in your work and with others.

Sex and sexuality are often taboo subjects. Sometimes we know or suspect that there is a problem in us or our relationships but we don’t know how to get help. I work with sexual issues both as distinct concerns and also as one of the many facets that make up an individual or relationship. Psychodynamic psychotherapy can help with issues such as low or heightened libido/sex drive, erectile and orgasmic difficulties, vulvodynia, vaginismus, early ejaculation, relationships in which friendship is primary and sex has disappeared, fear of initiating, sexual trauma and many others.

Psychotherapy can bring about lasting change in people’s lives.

If you are ready to consider feeling and acting differently in your life, and with others, then this may be the time to explore psychotherapy.

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