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Liz Kalman
Registered Psychotherapist

RP, CTP Dipl


People often seek therapy when their level of anxiety or depression has become intolerable. In my years of practice I have gained deep respect for the unique essence of every individual and for the creativity people draw on to deal with the circumstances they are presented with in life. However, they may reach a point where they are faced with limitations in relationships or with family relations. Or family circumstances may have changed – marriage, a new baby, stepchildren, divorce, ailing parents – and they may be confronted with challenges they feel unprepared to handle. They may feel frustrated with their work or career or feel their creativity is blocked. Or life may just feel stagnant, dull, constricted.

Through the process of psychotherapy we will explore what may be limiting you in life and discover new possibilities that may lie outside of your awareness. In my work it has been most rewarding to see clients’ horizons expand as we discover some of the sources of their limitations. Psychotherapy is not necessarily an easy process, but it is ultimately liberating.

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I would be happy to meet with you for a consultation session. I can be reached at We can also meet via Skype. My office is located close to the Broadview subway station, or, if you’re driving, there is parking available nearby. I look forward to hearing from you.