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Mid-town | Toronto | ON | M2K 1X3
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Lee Kraemer
Registered Psychotherapist

RP, CTP Dipl


My approach is tailored to your needs. Individual or couple sessions can help you understand and reframe what troubles you. My education and training in various approaches allows me to put your specific needs first, rather than fitting you into a specific framework. Humour has helped me in my life and does in sessions as well; it can make this difficult work a little easier.

Couples Therapy
My intention is to “mend, not end” the relationship, if at all possible.

I work with couples who want to enrich their relationship, as well as those hoping to preserve a relationship that is being threatened. A few sessions usually helps identify and change behaviour patterns that prevent you from flourishing. In session I can guide you to feel better, safer, and closer. This will remind you why you chose each other in the first place!

Individual Therapy
In an atmosphere that is safe, fair, and non-judgmental, it becomes easier to explore difficult experiences and issues. We will work together on the matters that trouble you. Therapy helps you to find new perspectives.

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If you would like to know more about how I work with couples and individuals, please visit my website at www.leekraemer.ca. I offer a brief complimentary telephone consultation. If you would like to see me as a couple it is a good idea to both be available for the phone consult. I look forward to hearing from you.