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Jen Colborne
Registered Social Worker



Psychotherapy can be a lot of things, but one important aspect involves tapping into your own potential in order to live an authentic life. Grounded in dialogue, psychodynamic psychotherapy allows you a space to speak freely and in an unedited way. You and I, together, will pay attention to words, silences, and bodily sensations in order to uncover a story that is uniquely yours.

I work with an anti-oppression lens. I strive to be mindful and aware of the many aspects that make up your identity and the way they intersect and interact within your world. My social location as a queer, white, able-bodied cis-woman factors into our therapeutic relationship. I am not suggesting that this will be the focus of our work together but it’s important to me to let you know how I think about the systems in which we all live.

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If you would like more information or to schedule a no-fee 30-minute initial consultation, please contact me at I am currently offering online or phone sessions.