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Anna Kohn
Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

CTP Dipl
Additional Credentials: BAA


Realizing that you want more out of life, and deciding to do something about that, are important first steps towards change.

You might be wanting to develop more satisfying relationships, to shed constricting beliefs about yourself, to manage your anxiety, to understand a restlessness you can’t quite identify. Or maybe you’re a parent seeking insight and relief around one of the toughest jobs ever.

It’s human nature to want to live life with vitality, with a sense of meaning and purpose, with loving relationships. Our personal difficulties have a way of interfering—with the life we want to live and the person we want to become.

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we feel stumped by why things don’t unfold as planned, by why relationships don’t go the way we want, by why we repeatedly behave in self-defeating ways. Psychotherapy offers attentive listening and insight—which brings to light what we haven’t been able to see in ourselves. And these emotional insights loosen the grip that our problems have on us, freeing us up to focus on what we want. That’s the personal aspect.

But I’m also interested in the way psychotherapy can and should make space for the realities of the world. These days especially, the planet’s large-scale problems are at the forefront. And the combination of personal and global can be a lot to handle. If you’ve been grappling with the state of the world and your place in it, it’s worth considering whether your own personal struggles are compromising your ability to cope. Coming to see how your internal self and the external world intersect allows for deeper understanding, for developing the capacity to regulate your feelings, and for finding equanimity.

By providing an open-minded place to pause, be heard and reflect, psychotherapy addresses whatever is interfering with how you want to live your life. And in turn, a more self-directed way of living becomes possible. Therapy makes way for real change.

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It’s worth repeating that you’re wise to look for a therapist you feel is a good fit for your personality. The quality of connection between therapist and client is all-important. If you’d like an initial brief phone consultation to get a sense of whether we might be a good fit, email me at