Aaron Rotbard

Registered Psychotherapist
RP, CTP Dipl
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
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  • Abuse (physical and psychological; past or present)
  • Addiction
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Career Dissatisfaction or Transition
  • Chronic Pain and Disability
  • Creative Blocks
  • Depression
  • Dream Work and Dream Interpretation
  • Existential Concerns
  • Health and Illness
  • Intergenerational Trauma
  • Life Crisis and Transitions
  • Loneliness and Isolation
  • Loss and Grief
  • Mourning and Bereavement
  • Relationship Issues
  • Sadistic Tendencies
  • Self-Destructive Patterns
  • Self-Esteem
  • Sex and Intimacy Issues
  • Sexuality and Gender Issues
  • Stress
  • Suicidal Thoughts and Attempts
  • Trauma
  • Body-focused Therapy
  • Client-Centred
  • Existential
  • Intersubjective
  • Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
  • Relational
  • Contact Information

    244 Dupont St
    Toronto, ON M5R 1V7

    A supportive therapeutic relationship serves as a refuge, providing a safe and reliable place for us to authentically be ourselves, whole and unfiltered, freed from judgment and removed from pressures to perform or conform.

    I welcome individuals who are in crisis or who are struggling to find direction and meaning in their lives. As a therapist, I specialize in working with clients who have issues with identity and self-esteem, those wrestling with grief and loss, and those feeling overwhelmed by the aftereffects of traumatic experiences.

    Psychotherapy is an immersive and exploratory process which calls for unusual honesty, and sustained curiosity. It is a dynamic and evolving relationship which can be particularly beneficial for those who are seeking deep and fulfilling connections.

    I am guided by a deep respect for the unique wisdom we each bring to our own experience. Overall, my aim is to help facilitate your healing and to empower your sense of agency.

    My approach is highly collaborative and is tailored to the specific needs and desires of each individual. Our therapeutic conversation begins with what feels most pressing for you, with what keeps calling your attention. Gradually we shift into an exploration of recurring patterns that might no longer serve you and work to discover new paths beyond them.

    Together we bring our curiosity to bear on the range of your moods and feelings, we make room for the significance of your dreams, and we allow for your fantasies and your fleeting thoughts to inform and to direct us.

    Such engaged curiosity helps us develop our capacity to embrace the present moment and to experience ourselves fully alive within it. Over the course of a therapy, as this vital capacity is strengthened and refined, our quest for happiness—that profound sense of security borne out of self-acceptance—becomes a worthwhile project in its own right.

    I know firsthand how meaningful psychotherapy can be. When I first sought help more than a decade ago, I felt deeply unhappy and alone. I was fortunate to come into the care of someone who was able to meet me in my need and accompany me on my path of healing. I bring this personal experience into my work with clients.

    Prior to becoming a psychotherapist, I worked in childcare and as a personal assistant for people with disabilities. These experiences transformed my conception of what relationships are all about. They allowed me to access the remarkable hidden worlds of the marginalized and the vulnerable, and helped me to appreciate what it means to truly value the gifts of diversity.

    My background is in philosophy, literature and the arts. I earned an interdisciplinary degree before graduating from the Centre for Training in Psychotherapy (CTP) in Toronto.

    You can contact me at aaron.rotbard@protonmail.com to set up an initial no-fee consultation. Sessions typically take place in person. My office is conveniently located within a minute of the Dupont subway station. Under appropriate circumstances I also offer phone and video sessions. Currently, I only have daytime appointments available.

    If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation, please contact me at aaron.rotbard@protonmail.com. I look forward to our conversations together.