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Susan Hunter
Registered Psychotherapist

Additional credentials: MSW, MBA


Psychotherapy appeals to people who want to grow – in self-understanding, self-esteem and self-expression; and psychotherapy appeals to people who want to grow in their relationships.

One of the ways that psychotherapy is new to many of us starting out is that our unconscious is taken seriously. Psychotherapy includes being intrigued about what has been out of our awareness up until now. And, psychotherapy includes looking at what we have always “known” and seeing it in a new light.

Another way psychotherapy is a new process for many of us is that we are accompanied on our journey of self-reflection. We are not alone; the psychotherapist is there to help – with respect, with experience, and with caring.

Psychotherapy brings satisfaction and adventure in that it can unlock possibility, and allow for a broader and deeper view of yourself, your relationships and your life.

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