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Sara Gilchrist
Registered Psychotherapist

RP, CTP Dipl


I love what happens in the consulting room: All the thoughts, dreams, fears, desires, and memories that are stirred become the pavestones that lay the path along which we journey. Together we move towards a deeper and more nuanced understanding of what it is to be you. There is risk, to be sure, but each new discovery, each new question, brings with it the potential for revelation and the possibility of change.

In the absence of sufficient support, enduring life’s struggles often means tuning out of ourselves. We shore up with whatever means possible, often to our own detriment, leaving us empty, hopeless, and misguided. Therapy helps us tune in. Good psychotherapy is rooted in powerful conversation – converse, meaning “to turn together”. It serves as a bridge between our internal and external worlds and strengthens our sense of self. When we are connected to our true self we feel alive and are open to spontaneous authentic experience. Our capacity to be with difficult feelings expands; thoughts become clearer, relationships gain deeper meaning, and decisions become easier to take.

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