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Melissa Emerson
Registered Psychotherapist

RP, CTP Dipl


Many people find themselves struggling to understand their feelings. For each of us, there is an inner world: a place where beliefs and dreams create who we are in our everyday lives. Sometimes we need to learn how we are seen through the eyes of others to understand how those beliefs and dreams truly impact us. What beliefs and behaviours of yours align with your values, and what have you taken on, or learned to do, out of a need to survive? Can they be one and the same? What does the difference between the two look like in your day-to-day? You might be surprised.

How we see ourselves impacts how we see others, and our place in the world with them. We may only catch glimpses of our true selves through feelings or patterns in our lives. Often, our innermost world is hidden from us. Trying to change our actions without knowing why we chose them can be very painful. Speaking one’s truth to another helps acknowledge this innermost world, and brings understanding to the motivations that drive the actions that we take and the decisions that we make.

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