Zdenka Goralikova

Registered Psychotherapist
RP, Certified Gestalt Therapist
Accepting New Clients
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Online Therapy
Office Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Adults, Couples
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  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Body Image
  • Career Dissatisfaction or Transition
  • Depression
  • Intergenerational Trauma
  • Loss and Grief
  • Mourning and Bereavement
  • Multicultural Issues
  • Relationship Issues
  • Self-Esteem
  • Spirituality
  • Stress
  • Underemployment
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    When I moved to Canada, I chose to study Gestalt therapy because of its emphasis on personal development and the impact I saw that it had on others’ lives. I became a therapist because I saw how much therapy transformed me. Therapy enabled me to better control my life, and to overcome challenges I had to face. Over time, I changed my career, the way I work, enriched my personal life, and improved family and other relationships.

    Finding my power to speak up, to process deep grief, to identify my value and to relearn self-love and trust in others has been transformational, and has inspired me to bring my best to each session. This helps me empower and support you as my client.

    I continuously learn from talented and gifted therapists, teachers who are leaders in their field.


    Each journey is unique. Taking a step towards transformation with my support may help you to open up your potential.

    Schedule your first session to Be(come) You!

    I found passion helping people suffering from burnout as it has become a complex societal issue, especially in our current environment. There are many layers that may cover anxiety, fears, depression, or trauma that have never been looked at or supported. Coming out of burnout is a process itself, but based on my personal experience, it is definitely worth it. My self reflection has led me to viewing burnout as a life lesson that brought me closer to who I am. In my private practice, which I named “The Present Therapy”, I give my clients the present of presence and support them in their discovery be(coming) them. My practice’s motto is Be(come)You. Welcome to your discovery journey.

    I work with a relational modality of therapy, Gestalt. You may be wondering what that is. In simple words, we will work and focus on what is happening in your life right now, the present moment.  When we work together we may connect to deeper feelings and forms of awareness that may have been present for you for a long time but have been hidden or unknown to you. I like to work with art, metaphors, words, and symbols, along with what emerges when we are present together, as human beings.

    We will work together to better understand your feelings and their impact on your life. Together we develop your tools and strategies that you can try out while we are working together to feel, see, and experience their support for you.

    Each client is unique and brings different matters to a session, and therefore each client’s session frequency is agreed on and established based on the client’s current needs.

    Individual therapy rate is $160incl. HST /session. The couples therapy session can be either for 55mins or 80mins at rates $220 or $250 incl. HST/session respectively.

    I provide my services in English and Czech.

    Those who need sliding scale can apply at thepresenttherapy@gmail.com with the subject heading “sliding scale request”, stating their situation and the reason for the sliding scale request. I have only limited spots available.

    I am currently offering sessions online or in specific cases where video is not accessible by phone only.

    I am a trained and experienced psychotherapist, having completed my training at the Gestalt Institute in Toronto, ON, Canada. I graduated in 2017.  I am a member of the Canadian Association for Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (CAPT) and Ontario Society of Registered Psychotherapists (OSRP).

    My background includes over 7 years’ experience in the area of mental health.

    • I currently work with adult individuals and couples.
    • I deliver mental health care workshops for young adults ages 15-30 in collaboration with the Career Foundation and their selected GTA locations.
    • I deliver workshops for the general public as well as professionals.
    • I can be reached by email at thepresenttherapy@gmail.com.
    • I will respond within 24 hours Monday to Friday.
    • As a registered psychotherapist, my services may be covered by insurance benefit packages. I highly recommend clients confirm their insurance coverage based on their health plan with their insurers.
    • My office is located at 64 Wellesley St. E. at the All of You Wellness Centre, conveniently situated close to the Wellesley subway station.

    I offer an initial no-obligation 15-minute consultation at no charge. It is an opportunity to meet and assess your needs, ask questions, raise concerns and see how you feel in our conversation together. Your initial sense of comfort, even in the midst of some life challenge, is an important part of this journey and of choosing a therapist that is right for you. You can easily set up this complimentary session by clicking on this link below: https://calendly.com/thepresenttherapy or email me at: thepresenttherapy@gmail.com

    If this resonates with you, I would love to speak to you. You can easily set up a complimentary session by clicking on this link below: https://calendly.com/thepresenttherapy

    or by emailing me at: thepresenttherapy@gmail.com

    or contact me at 647-792-9036

    I look forward to our conversation.