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Susan Young
Registered Psychotherapist

RP, CTP Dipl
BCom, Adler School of Psychology (Clinical Supervisor Cert)


Feeling good about ourselves, having loving relationships with others, and doing satisfying work, for most of us, are our life goals. We all have certain patterns that guide the way we try to achieve these goals. By the time we are adults, our patterns are deeply held and changing them is not so easy. The habitual nature of these patterns is akin to the way water runs down a hill—after a while, a certain groove gets carved out and the water always flows down that channel. If you want the water to flow another way, you are going to have to do something different to alter the path.

Psychodynamic therapy helps to shed light on aspects of ourselves that have been operating at the edges of our awareness and loosens the grip they have on us. Some of our patterns were creatively put in place for self-protection. Now, in the safety of psychotherapy, these ways of being that no longer serve us can be softened and gradually released to free up psychic space for new responses to become available. Eventually, practicing new ways of being with self and others brings about the readiness to make long-lasting changes that facilitate growth.

This past year has been particularly challenging for many of us. Some of us are feeling stagnant and stuck, others are feeling fearful, traumatized, and isolated. This may be the time for you to reach out and get the support you need.

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The first step of reaching out can be difficult. Be assured that I have been told that the first conversation was easier than expected because of my warmth and openness to callers. I look forward to speaking with you whenever you have a quiet, private opening in your day to speak for 15-30 minutes. Please contact me by email to schedule a complimentary telephone consultation. Thank you.