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Mary Ellen Mahoney
Registered Psychotherapist

RP, CTP Dipl


Feelings, or emotional states, create our experience of living. Feelings contain tremendous energy, and energy has to move. If it can’t get out, it will create some sort of disturbance within. If there’s too much pent up, unexpressed emotion you will feel anxious or depressed, resentful or guilty, unsettled, upset, unfulfilled, uncreative, unwell – unhappy.

On the other hand, if your feelings do gain expression but are ignored, shamed, put down, argued with or attacked, then that emotional energy has not found satisfactory release and will, again, boomerang back inside you, weighing you down, clogging your life.

Psychotherapy provides a context in which all that emotional energy trapped inside you, or thrown back in your face, can emerge safely, and can be heard with compassion. Just being deeply heard sets in motion the process of healing and regaining confidence and equanimity, and this process is augmented and accelerated by the use of the simple neuroscientific techniques I use with clients in session.

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If you respond to the idea of working with me in therapy from a neurobiological perspective please text or voice-mail me at 647-280-6160 to schedule a 10-minute phone consultation at no charge. I look forward to hearing from you.