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My office is located at 344 Bloor St W, Suite 301, centrally located at the intersection of Bloor and Spadina. The building is wheelchair-accessible.
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Phil LaRose
Registered Psychotherapist

CTP Dipl, RP


As we become adults we often find that the lives we had imagined are not the lives we lead. The dreams seem to have vanished in the melee of simply keeping our heads above water. This can be confusing, and demoralizing. Our relationships circle through destructive or empty patterns. We stagnate in our careers, feeling anxious and depressed, lacking the capacity to understand what has happened and how to change it. Therapy can enable us to identify, and alter, the habits and patterns we have come to rely on, ones that have stopped us from becoming who we want to be.

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If you would like to learn more, or book an initial 30 minute no-fee consultation, please email me at or call 647-267-0974.