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175 St. Clair Avenue West  |  Toronto | ON  | M4V 1P7
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Alison Crosthwait
Registered Psychotherapist



High achievers are used to getting things right. When emotional or relationship problems hit it can feel destabilizing. Working with a therapist can help you grow through these challenges and re-orient your life in a way that is more deeply inline with who you are.

Psychotherapy helps by:

  • Providing a place to talk things out with another intelligent person who is not invested in your daily life;
  • Providing a place to express thoughts and feelings that may not be easily expressed to others in your life;
  • Increasing self-awareness.

I work with a wide range of people – I have clients in healthcare, the arts, academia, law, and business. I work with adults of all ages. My practice is evenly divided between women and men.

Although my practice contains a wide range of people and I enjoy the diversity, I often attract high achievers/Type “A” people. Professionals of all sorts have pushed hard in life to get to where they are. When emotional difficulties arise, therapy can be extremely effective at helping to readjust to new circumstances or figure out a new course.

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